Teaching and Training

Updated on 11th November 2011 at 10:58 am


Marine Medical Group is a training practice with attached GP Specialist Registrars.  These doctors are usually working in the practice for 6 months at a time.

They are fully qualified doctors who already have at least 3 years experience as a hospital doctor and are now completing their final training work independently as GP’s

Dr Murray and Dr Johnston are the GP trainers and are responsible for supervising the GP Registrar.  If you have any questions relating to a doctor in training please do no hesitate to contact them via the practice manager (Natalie Crawford).

Sometimes registrars and doctors may ask to video consultations as part of their training.  These videos are only used to monitor each registrar’s progress and are destroyed at the end of their attachment.
Consultations will only be videoed with your consent and you can ask to stop the video at any time if you change your mind.

We understand that some patients may not wish to be involved in aspects of teaching.  This will in no way impact on the treatment they receive.

As well as assisting in the training of new doctors and nurses, we believe that our involvement in education helps the practice to maintain our high quality patient care.